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About Binky Bear:

Finding something to do with children on the weekends and holidays that does not cost a fortune and is not technology based is a challenge a lot of us face.

Binky Bear books are photographic picture books set in real locations (Central London, Winchester and rural Hampshire) and they offer you the chance to enjoy a charming story together and then go and relive the same adventure with your children. Using the easy to follow map at the back of each book, you can show your children how to navigate, all the while exploring the sights and sounds in your very own adventure.


Binky and Horse Guards

The books give you everything you need to plan your day and our downloads page gives you hints and tips for getting to the start of each walk and for refreshment stops along the way.

When you buy a Binky Bear book you are also getting a wonderful day out that your children will want to repeat many times over, in Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. Binky Books and walks give you memories to last a lifetime.

Enjoying Binky Bear:

These delightful Binky Bear books provide a perfect cuddling-up opportunity as you share his adventures and make plans for some of your own. Each book is fun to read and can be enjoyed by children up to the age of 10 and by bear enthusiasts of all ages! The rhyming verse makes them particularly popular with younger children who love to learn and recite the verses with you. The natural rhythm of the verses also helps to develop your child’s love of reading from a very young age.

Enjoying Binky Bear

Your Very Own Little Binky Bear:

Your children will love to go on Binky adventures with their own Little Binky Bear tucked under their arm.

Your Little Binky Bear is a soft and cuddly, fully jointed teddy bear with brown eyes, velvet paws, a cheeky smile and a smart (removable) green waistcoat. He wears a navy spotted scarf around his neck and has a cheeky grin.


What people are saying:

“This book is a wonderful alternative to the traditional children’s story. By encapsulating real places and pictures it encourages both you and the kids to not only imagine being by the great sights, but actually visit them and take part in the same adventures as Binky. You could read this to them on a Friday night and have them visit exactly the same locations at the weekend.” – FQ Magazine, October 2014

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Special Offer – Little Binky Bear and Binky Goes to London* Gift Set – £22.00

Buy the gift that will give you and your children a very special time together.

  • A perfect gift for boys or girls aged 2-7 years
  • A cute Little Binky Bear to cuddle while reading or to take on adventures!
  • A copy of Binky Goes to London in which Binky tries to have tea with the Queen
  • No need to wrap – we are giving you a free gift bag!

All Binky Books are printed and bound in the UK.
They are thoroughly British products!  

*If you prefer your gift set to contain another Binky Bear book, just email us at binky@binkybear.co.uk with the Binky title you would like.


Binky’s first adventure with Katy and a large friendly dog.


Binky’s second adventure with Dog and Owl.


Binky’s third adventure with Katy, Thunder, Pelican, Squirrel and two Corgis.


22 cm Little Binky Bears.
Fully jointed bears with velvet paws and shiny eyes. CE tested for all ages.