Welcome to Binky Bear

The Binky Bear books are a series of brilliant children’s stories about Binky Bear and his animal acquaintances and friends. All Binky Bear stories take place in real locations in the UK; the third book is set in Central London.

Each book contains a map so you can follow Binky in the stories.

You can also go to each location and relive Binky’s adventures with your children and have a Binky Bear Day Out.

The stories are written in fast-paced rhyme and illustrated with beautiful photographs. They are suitable for young readers (3-8) and to be read aloud to very young children.

Binky Bear is a totally British brand: the books are printed and traditionally hard back bound in the UK. Their heritage themes and presentation make each of these books a British classic.

The little Binky Bears are 22cm, fully jointed, super soft, cuddly bears with velvet paws and bright eyes and they wear Binky’s signature bottle green waistcoat and spotted neckerchief. They are fully CE tested and suitable from birth.

Buy Binky books and bears from us direct on this website and we will include a free Binky Bear bookmark and greetings card or you can buy from good bookshops throughout the UK.

This is what Dame Judi Dench has to say about our latest book :

“Anyone who loves Teddy Bears and knows of their secret lives will love this book” – Binky Goes to London


Binky’s first adventure featuring Binky and Katy and a large friendly dog who performs a dramatic river rescue.


Binky’s second adventure featuring Binky, Dog and Owl


Binky’s third adventure featuring Binky, Thunder, Pelican, Squirrel and two Corgis called Rudi and Bertie


22 cm Little Binky Bears.
Fully jointed bears with velvet paws and shiny eyes. CE tested Suitable from birth.

Binky Bear Books are 20cm x 20cm, children’s classic, hardback books. Each book is traditionally printed and bound in the UK and includes maps so you can trace Binky’s route in the story or even go and relive the story for yourselves.
A thoroughly British product!