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About Binky Bear:

Binky Bear is a cheeky, fun-loving sort of bear who loves to go on exciting adventures and make new friends. Each charming book is written in rhyming verse with beautiful photographs showing every step of his adventure.

Not only are these charming books to read, they are also a great source of inspiration for a brilliant day out. The map in each book helps you plan your own memorable adventure as you follow in Binky’s footsteps. You will have all you need for a perfect day!


Enjoying Binky Bear

Enjoying Binky Bear:

These delightful Binky Bear books provide a perfect cuddling-up opportunity as you share his adventures and make plans for some of your own. Each book is fun to read and can be enjoyed by children up to the age of 10 and by bear enthusiasts of all ages! The rhyming verse makes them particularly popular with younger children who love to learn and recite the verses with you. The natural rhythm of the verses also helps to develop your child’s love of reading from a very young age.

Your Very Own Little Binky Bear:

As well as the books there is now a Little Binky Bear available to buy. He is a soft, cuddly, fully jointed teddy bear with brown eyes, velvet paws, a cheeky smile and a smart green waistcoat. He wears a navy spotted scarf around his neck. These little bears are also good for encouraging role play and love to join in games, share a picnic or help with early years reading. These bears are CE tested and suitable from birth.


What people are saying:

“Anyone who loves Teddy Bears and knows their secret lives will love this book.” – Dame Judi Dench

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Binky Christmas
Gift Set – £20.00

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Our Little Binky Bears make an ideal Christmas gift, providing hours of cuddles and encouraging creative play as children make up their own Binky adventures, or plan a day out to follow Binky with the map printed in each book. This Christmas we are offering a special Gift Set of a Little Binky Bear with a copy of Binky Goes to London, in which Binky tries to go to Buckingham Palace to have tea with the Queen and meet the royal Corgis. At just £20.00 this Gift Set gives a saving of £4.98 and you don’t even have to wrap it up as we are giving you a free gift bag! To order your Binky Christmas Gift Set just click on the button below.


Binky’s first adventure with Katy and a large friendly dog.


Binky’s second adventure with Dog and Owl.


Binky’s third adventure with Katy, Thunder, Pelican, Squirrel and two Corgis.


22 cm Little Binky Bears.
Fully jointed bears with velvet paws and shiny eyes. CE tested for all ages.

Binky Bear Books are 20cm x 20cm, children’s classic, hardback books. Each book is traditionally printed and bound in the UK and includes maps so you can trace Binky’s route in the story or even go and relive the story for yourselves.
A thoroughly British product!