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Binky In A Box

Why Will Binky Bear Never Be The Same Again?

In fact to be precise, our lovable Binky will always be exactly the same but our website has been transformed and now reflects Binky’s world of reading books, getting outdoors and having fantastic shared experiences with your family and friends. When people first hear about Binky Bear books they describe them as books about a teddy but what brings our fans back time and time again, to buy more books and to share Binky with their family and friends, is what lies at the heart of each story. We are passionate about getting children outdoors and helping adults have really positive shared experiences with the children in their lives. Each Binky book tells a local story about Binky in a real geographic location. In times when it is easy to get lost in screens we want to inspire families to get out, using the maps in the books, to have a great time together without spending a lot of money. So the magic from their special day in London, Winchester or Alresford in Hampshire is the shared experience and memories which will last a lifetime. Continue reading this article...
MyKidsy Blog

Why Travelling by Bus is Best!

In August 2015 I was invited by to write a guest blog about my own outdoor adventures in London with my daughter. Here it is and I hope you like it!

Living about 50 miles from London in a sleepy Hampshire village, my daughter and I look forward to our day trips up to London and we try to get up each term, ideally on an Inset day when trains are not too busy.  I lived and worked in London for over 15 years, commuting from the south-western suburbs and it was only when I began researching our third book Binky Goes To London and when we started to take the photographic illustrations of Binky our teddy bear character and his real animal friends in various central London locations, that I started to travel around by bus and on foot.  What struck me was how previously-made tube journeys are so much faster and more interesting if you walk.  So throughout the making of Binky Goes To London we travelled by bus and on foot with the occasional taxi ride, if we had a very tired corgi with us! Continue reading this article...

Binky Bear Books at Harrods and Selfridges!

By Liz Nankivell Yes we are delighted to announce that all three books are now on sale in both Harrods and Selfridges.  Binky went along to check out both stores and posed outside with his latest book Binky Goes To London. This is a huge step for us and puts Binky firmly on the international stage.  Binky Goes To London is especially popular with people visiting London with young children: not only do you get a great story to read together but you can use the map in the back of the book to have your own Binky adventure and follow in Binky's footsteps.  What better way to visit the centre of London.
Binky Bear and Pumpkins

Can you carve the Perfect Pumpkin?

Carving the perfect pumpkin should be easy but I'm afraid until we came across these 4 easy steps, our pumpkin carving was messy, and quite frankly a bit risky.  Follow these four steps to have perfect pumpkins and a tip from me is, embrace the mess.  It will get sticky, you will have pumpkin innards everywhere but you will have had a great time and end up with a lovely Pumpkin to put in your window or pop outside on the step, as a wellcome to all the Trick or Treaters.Continue reading this article...