Binky In A Box

Why Will Binky Bear Never Be The Same Again?

In fact to be precise, our lovable Binky will always be exactly the same but our website has been transformed and now reflects Binky’s world of reading books, getting outdoors and having fantastic shared experiences with your family and friends.

When people first hear about Binky Bear books they describe them as books about a teddy but what brings our fans back time and time again, to buy more books and to share Binky with their family and friends, is what lies at the heart of each story.

We are passionate about getting children outdoors and helping adults have really positive shared experiences with the children in their lives. Each Binky book tells a local story about Binky in a real geographic location. In times when it is easy to get lost in screens we want to inspire families to get out, using the maps in the books, to have a great time together without spending a lot of money. So the magic from their special day in London, Winchester or Alresford in Hampshire is the shared experience and memories which will last a lifetime.

So what about our new website?

There are lots of things to share with the children in your life:

Who helped us make it happen?

Our designer is Emma Bubeer who has packed our history, our hopes and our vision into our beautiful new brand. You can find Emma on

Rob Smart of worked with Emma’s design, built in all our site’s functionality and made the website build happen.  We feel privileged to work with such a combined talent.

A special note to our fans:

Dear fans, it is great to have you with us and on the occasions that we meet it is wonderful to hear what Binky means to you and your family.  We are delighted that you are a part of our shared journey and we would love to know what you think about our new website and what you would like to find on it, as we build the content more.  You can leave your thoughts in the box below and we can’t wait to hear from you.

With very best wishes,
Liz & Moira


  • Great news to hear Binky Bear has moved up……
    I have always thought you could do much more with Binky Bear.
    Wonderful news and web-site. Well Done to all. My grandson William will be thrilled too !!!! – Aged nearly 7 years….

    • Liz Nankivell says:

      Hi Elizabeth. Yes, we thought so too and now with our wonderful website we have got the vehicle to help us do so much more with Binky. Thank you for your kind comments and enjoy showing the site to William. He might like to join the Muddy Paws Club. It’s free and this month’s downloads are an Autumn Explorer’s Checklist, maps of all the walks to print out so you don’t have to take the books out when you go on a Binky walk and an autumn inspired Binky colouring sheet. We are working on December’s resources this week and Emma our designer has some fabulous ideas for our Winter Explorer’s Checklist and for our Christmas activity sheet. I can’t wait for you to see them. Finally if William is a keen artist, he can enter our Binky Picture Competition, closing date this month is November 15th. He might win a place in our Hall of Fame. Best wishes to you both. Liz

  • Theresa Sotiris says:

    Very good show more local hampshire stories How about Binky in Southampton? When can we buy big Binky bears

    • Liz Nankivell says:

      Hi Theresa and thank you for taking the trouble to give us your feedback on our blogpost. Binky in Southampton would be a very good choice and come to think of it, we do have an early draft Binky walk around the historic heart of the city to build from. I know you’d love to buy a big Binky bear. It is certainly an interesting idea and if we ever decide to go down that route, rest assured I will let you know straight away. Best wishes Theresa, Liz