The Binky Bear Winchester Walk

The Binky Bear Winchester Walk

The Binky Bear Winchester walk follows exactly the story in Binky’s second adventure book, Binky in Trouble. In this story Binky and his friend Dog have an adventure in the historic heart of Winchester. This 90 minute walk will help you explore this beautiful city and take you past the key sights of Winchester College and Winchester Cathedral, The Buttercross and into the muddle of lanes and alleyways that make Winchester such a curious place to visit.

Each Binky Bear book includes a detailed map and on your Binky Bear Winchester Walk you are going to follow this map. To save you taking your lovely hardback book out with you though, join up now for free to Binky’s Muddy Paws Club and you will receive free downloads of all Binky Bear walk maps and you can print a copy for everyone.

You may not be familiar with Winchester so here are some tips to get you started and to ensure you have a great big Winchester outdoor adventure.

Six Tips for the Binky Bear Winchester Walk

1. In good weather start with a picnic by the weeping willow trees at Wharf Hill, then wander up College Street and see the tree where Owl was waiting to talk to Dog and Binky. Notice the building opposite and read the blue plaque; this was where Jane Austin lived in Winchester. If you like old fashioned bookshops be sure to pop into PG Wells and just a few doors down is Cornflowers, a fantastic gift shop. For those of you walking without children, The Wykeham Arms is just around the corner.

2. Continue under Kingsgate and turn into Cathedral Close. There are benches here to sit or you can picnic on the grass when you go around in front of the Cathedral.

3. Find the gap to get up to The Cake Shop and then walk up the cobbled street to the alley where Binky and Dog knocked the dustbin over. At the other end of the alley turn right down the paved high street and turn right by the Buttercross (circular monument with steps).

4. Retrace your steps down the side of the cathedral and into The Close and aim now for the back of the cathedral to find The Slype – the passageway beside the cathedral where Owl swooped in with Binky to find Dog. Notice the tiny wooden door.

5. Follow the path and then the road round the back of Abbey Gardens where you can find the playpark and public toilets.

6. Follow the map down to the river and find the path back to the weeping willows. You are now at the end of the Binky Bear Winchester Walk.

Snacks and Services:

There are loads of cafes in Winchester and there are public toilets by the Cathedral Shop and in Abbey Gardens.

Let us know how you enjoy the Binky Bear Winchester Walk.