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Binky In A Box

Why Will Binky Bear Never Be The Same Again?

In fact to be precise, our lovable Binky will always be exactly the same but our website has been transformed and now reflects Binky’s world of reading books, getting outdoors and having fantastic shared experiences with your family and friends. When people first hear about Binky Bear books they describe them as books about a teddy but what brings our fans back time and time again, to buy more books and to share Binky with their family and friends, is what lies at the heart of each story. We are passionate about getting children outdoors and helping adults have really positive shared experiences with the children in their lives. Each Binky book tells a local story about Binky in a real geographic location. In times when it is easy to get lost in screens we want to inspire families to get out, using the maps in the books, to have a great time together without spending a lot of money. So the magic from their special day in London, Winchester or Alresford in Hampshire is the shared experience and memories which will last a lifetime. Continue reading this article...