Binky At Meon Springs Montessori

Meon Springs Montessori

The word Montessori has been part of my vocabulary ever since my daughter was born but it was only last month that I had an opportunity to find out for myself what the Montessori Method is all about.

Back in January this year, Montessori was in the headlines as Prince George set out in his John Lewis quilted jacket and little backpack for his first day at his Norfolk Montessori. Then it was our turn and last month Binky and I were invited to Meon Springs Montessori in Bramdean, Hampshire to support their topic work based on our Alresford book Binky’s Big Adventure.

This was a ‘Binky gig’ that I was really interested in. A lot of savvy parents conduct impressive research projects when selecting nursery education for their children and Montessori is very often the choice they settle on. I was very keen to see what Montessori is like in practice.
Binky Bear Eats Lunch At Meon Springs Montessori

What’s it like at Meon Springs Montessori?

Classes are made up of children of mixed ages. The method encourages youngsters to learn through play and experimentation rather than formal instruction. There is structure and order to the day and the learning space will be particularly appealing.

Meon Springs mix the Montessori Method with other learning philosophies and what they have produced is a really striking learning environment that is calm and at the same time fun, creative and full of colour and texture and they have some very, very contented children.

After reading Binky’s Big Adventure the children showed us their beautiful exhibition of 24 Binky inspired drawings: Binky and the T-Rex, Binky at the shop, Binky at the swimming pool etc. Finally Binky joined everyone for their lunch of spaghetti Bolognese.
Binky Bear Looks At Pictures
Gemma O’Reilly is the owner of Meon Springs Montessori and I asked Gemma to describe what Meon Springs is able to offer young learners.
“Meon Springs offers an Ofsted outstanding rated nursery & pre-school education. We are lucky to have a large garden used as an extension to the classroom and provide a stimulating environment which is fun but ultimately safe and secure. Children develop at their own pace but we maximise their potential and become independent. Montessori Learning is incorporated with other learning philosophies & the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) so that individuals can flourish in a child-inspired environment.

We open during the Hampshire School term times and daily between 8.30am and 4.00pm. Breakfast and a hot lunch can also be ordered. Please visit for more information and please visit us soon.”

Binky’s visit was a great success and if you are interested in giving your pre-schooler a Montessori start and you live in this part of Hampshire, give Gemma a call on 07779 780228.

Meon Springs Montessori really is a very special place.