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Muddy Paws Club

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Who do you know who likes colouring in and going exploring?

Join Binky’s Muddy Paws Club and receive personalised emails, free monthly Binky colouring sheets, your Binky Bear Explorers' Pack of maps and Binky Bear's latest Winter Explorer's Checklist. Remember to enter completed colouring sheets into our Monthly Best Binky Picture Competition.

Read and Explore

Binky Bear books are read+explore adventures and as a Muddy Paws Club member you will receive copies of all the Binky Bear walk maps.

Everyone can have a copy as they follow in Binky's tracks and hop, skip and jump into their own Binky Bear adventures in London, Winchester and Alresford in Hampshire.

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Binky's Monthly Best Picture competition

Enter a photo of completed colouring sheets, drawings, collages, models etc into Binky's monthly Best Picture Competition. Take a photograph of each work of art and email them to us at by midday on and we will put all the photos up in our Binky Gallery on Facebook. Our Facebook fans will then vote for their favourite work of art and the winner will receive a Binky Great Artist Certificate,a signed copy of Binky's Big Adventure and a Binky Writing Book.