Binky Outdoor Adventure 3

Binky’s Big Outdoor Adventure in Alresford

At Binky Bear we are passionate about getting children outdoors and having fantastic shared experiences with family and friends.

That’s exactly what we did back in July when fifteen brave families joined us on a sunny morning outside Alresford Station to go on the first ever organised, Binky Bear Outdoor Adventure, following the map at the back of our book, Binky’s Big Adventure.

Joanne McGowan from Act One Adventures led the way as we followed in Binky’s tracks from the station to the cake shop, then to the book shop; in fact we visited every single location in the book. And guess what, everyone got to go fishing like Binky, except you will be relieved to hear, no one actually fell in.

All Binky Books have maps and the stories are set in real locations and follow a route which will take you and your little explorers about 90 minutes to walk.

Access to every part of our walks is free.  In central London and Winchester our walks are on pavements or tarmaced paths and in Alresford, the terrain changes from pavement to river path but it is accessible all the way on foot or with buggies.
fishing 3 boys
Back in July, on the Alresford walk from Binky’s Big Adventure, we encouraged children to look about and notice the changing sights and sounds as we walked through the town and down to the beautiful river Arle and back again. Binky himself even turned up to meet everyone; can you believe that?

If you sign up, (it’s free,) to Binky’s Muddy Paws Club you can download all three Binky walk maps plus receive a special seasonal Explorer’s Checklist and get free monthly colouring sheets.

So let the children lead the way, print out a map each and let them take you on a brilliant outdoor adventure.