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A Valentine tree made of twigs in a vase with pink paper hearts


Sharing feelings

Sharing moments with the little ones in our lives allows them to voice their own thoughts.  Out walking in a park or making things in the kitchen children naturally get talking, which often gives parents and grandparents insight into how they really feel. Gradually by sharing experiences and almost without realising it children gain valuable insight into their own and others’ feelings.  A few conversation starters can be helpful and coincidentally may kick start ideas for Valentine’s Day! https://nurturestore.co.uk/talking-feelings-printable-conversation-starters  

Heart in the Park

Make a Pebble Heart

Make a Pebble Heart

This puzzle is a good way to get the kids outside but could also be saved for a rainy day at home.  Materials needed are the outline of a heart and a selection of random stones or a mix of stones and other smallish natural objects. Looking for these bits is part of the fun - so eyes open on your next walk together. Incidentally doing puzzles and piecing things together helps develop children’s spatial awareness. https://littlepinelearners.com/work-on-spacial-awareness-with-this-simple-nature-shape-puzzle/  

Invisible ink

A picture made with invisible ink

Use Invisible Ink

Children love invisible ink and secret messages. They also work well for Valentine’s Day. You need a few sheets of printing paper, a cotton-wool swab/bud, the juice of half a lemon mixed with very little water in a small bowl and a cooker set at about 210˚C.  Using the cotton bud as a brush (well saturated) children write/paint something then allow it to dry. Sheets MUST be placed in the oven by an adult.  After a couple of minutes the message appears.  This occurs because the lemon juice oxidizes (reacts with oxygen) and turns brown when heated. As the invisible ink burns faster than the paper, it turns brown first revealing the message. https://www.redtedart.com/valentines-day-cards-science-secret-messages/?cn-reloaded=1  

Red Hearts and Pink Roses

A Valentine tree made of twigs in a vase with pink paper hearts

Make a Valentine tree

Valentine’s Day is all about feelings.  This Valentine Gratitude Tree is inspired by the Gratitude Tree tradition of Thanksgiving, using hearts instead of leaves.  Make extra hearts for visitors to add their thoughts to the tree.  Surprising discussions can result from reading the paper hearts.  https://nurturestore.co.uk/valentines-gratitude-tree