A Binky Bear Walk Read And Explore Books For Kids

What Is A Binky Bear Trail?

When you buy your Binky Bear books you buy an adventure. This post explains what to do next and if you are reading this and wanting to buy our books just click this link books.

Binky Bear Trail Map

Binky Bear Trail Map

Getting the kids outdoors on a Binky Bear trail

Getting the kids outdoors for a blast of fresh air can be a real challenge; it certainly has been in our house. So in 2010 when we started creating Binky Bear books, we hoped that by setting the books in real places, (Central London, Winchester and Alresford in Hampshire), using photographic illustrations and including maps, we could create a fabulous story and provide the inspiration to get everyone out, off the sofa and away from screens, for a family outing.

How do you know you’ve had a great weekend?

I don’t know about you, but after a busy week, whilst it’s great to flop about a bit at the weekend, it is even better to go back to work on Monday with some warm thoughts about the quality time I’ve spent with the people I care about. That’s when I feel like I’ve had a great weekend.

So how does our read+explore Binky Bear concept work?

When you buy a Binky book you have in your hands an adventure to read and a plan for a great day out. Most people encounter Binky as a book character first so they read the story and then go to Alresford, Winchester or London and using the map in the books, they follow in Binky’s tracks and have their own adventure.

The Trail Maps show the route Binky took in each book.

The Trail Maps show the route Binky took in each book.

Binky Bear: Books+Maps+Bears+Trails

Binky Bear: Books+Maps+Bears+Trails

This is how FQ Magazine describe Binky Goes To London:

“This book is a wonderful alternative to the traditional children’s story. By encapsulating real places and pictures it encourages both you and the kids to not only imagine being by the great sights, but actually visit them and take part in the same adventures as Binky. You could read this to them on a Friday night and have them visit exactly the same locations at the weekend creating a smooth transition from fantasy to real experience.

A great tool for dads

And a final word from FQ Magazine:

“This is also a great tool for dads, who sometimes have a harder time trying to figure out what to do with their kids on their days off. With a very easy to follow map, you can show your children how to navigate and teach them lessons which Binky has to offer, all the while exploring the sights and sounds in your very own adventure.”

This is exactly what we want our books to do for you and your children. Which Binky Bear walk will you do first?