Taking Pictures – photography for children

By Moira Blackwell
As you know Binky Bear books are photographic picture books and all our books are illustrated with colour photographs.

Photography is a great sharing activity and encourages children to be creative and aware of the world about them. So, here are 6 ways to get your child started.

1. Get them their own camera. This may sound obvious but start by getting them their own camera, rather than lend them your mobile phone to take an odd picture now and again. So ‘their own camera’ could be your old phone or a cheap and simple digital camera. There are quite a few to choose from and at the foot of the page* we have included a link to a review of the latest digital cameras. Prices range from about £20 up. When a child has their own camera, the resulting photographs will be THEIRS too.

2. Get into the habit…Whenever you are going out together get them into the habit of taking their camera with them.

3. Start by photographing things that stay still! The view from their window, their favourite toys or a brightly coloured bowl of fruit. Later they can try photographing a tame granny but start with something simple that they like. Encourage them to come up with their own ideas.

4. Get down to their level when they are taking the photograph and see things as they see them. Help them to look at the framing of their picture (what is in it). This will help them with their composition. You’ll be surprised what they see and you don’t! If you go out on a Binky walk take their camera with you and encourage them to photograph a scene from the book.

5. Look at their pictures togetherBack at home spend time looking at their pictures either on the camera or better still, on a screen. Talk about their photographs. Praise and offer suggestions, just as you would for their homework. Looking at the results is very much about reflecting and learning from the experience, and is valuable – ‘together-time’. We take over 3,000 photos for any one of our books and believe me, reflecting and learning is what we do a lot of.

6. Let them choose their favourites and ask them why they like them. Then either get them printed or print them yourself.
And by the way, photographs make excellent ‘grannie gifts’!
Finally, a very big thank you to Evie for letting us use her photograph of her Binky Bear and other toys to illustrate our post.

Happy snapping everyone!

**This review from www.SafeSoundFamily.com will give you a quick idea of the pros and cons of several cameras. A note of caution: as you look at these reviews don’t be put off by price. For some reason the first camera Safe Sound review costs £250 on Amazon today (ouch!) but as you scroll down you will see well recommended cameras, like the Crayola Digital Camera, for as little as £20.00